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Experience the legend and lore of New York Harbor, America’s gateway to greatness, as you never have before, aboard a Tall Ship harbor cruise--your very own showboat. Combining history and song, this unique musical tour sails around New York harbor and through its rich heritage, weaving together tales of the past against a moving backdrop of the natural beauty of the harbor’s picturesque landscape.

The tour departs and time-traveling pirates take over the ship, searching through time for long-lost treasure.  The quest for the lost treasure of river pirate Bill Hicks attracts the pirates and leads the audience on a treasure hunt through history. 

Historic New York characters like Walt Whitman, river pirate Sadie the Goat, Jackie Robinson and Alexander Hamilton come alive in this thought provoking spectacle that explores how diverse events set upon the churning waters of the Hudson built New York and made us who we are today.

The climactic moment occurs at the Statue of Liberty with a celebration of freedom and joy, and the discovery of the true meaning of the treasure.

 This one-of-a kind theatrical event will appeal to tourists taking in the sights, families seeking entertainment, New Yorkers looking for a new adventure and culture addicts yearning to explore history. Based on rigorous research and a commitment to authentic New York stories, the show will create a meaningful experience with original music, song and dance that excites the imagination while touching the heart.


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