The Magical History Tour Is Waiting To Take You Away


River pirates led by the infamous Sadie the Goat storm the illustrious tall ship, in search of a map that holds the secrets to a long lost hidden treasure.  As the pirates try to unlock the clues within the map, they are sent on a time-traveling adventure through New York Harbor.  Various characters appear to enact remarkable history of each colossal monument.

 Story Highlights

Pirate William Johnson Hicks, on the eve of his hanging on Bedloe Island in 1860 told his trusted friend and confidante, Sadie the Goat, that he hid a vast treasure of gold, somewhere in the New York Harbor.  Sadie the Goat brings her gang through time to find the map that shows the treasure's secret location.  The raucous pirates commandeer the ship just as Carolyn is about to lead her tour. Sadie reveals that the program every audience member has in their hand is the treasure map and in order to find the treasure all aboard must decipher the hidden clues about present day landmarks. The hunt begins.  As the boat begins its sail, they find themselves amidst the celebration of the opening day of the Brooklyn Bridge.  The pirates and the audience join Emily Roebling in an interactive moment as she reflects upon the past of Brooklyn Ferry, the hardships she had to overcome to complete the miraculous project started by her father-in-law, John Roebling, and her husband, Washington Roebling, named after George Washington, who also faced a difficult crossing there in 1776.

 After witnessing these events occurring before their eyes, Sadie and her gang catch wind that they must sail towards the bluffs of Brooklyn and suddenly find themselves in Ebbets Field on opening day, 1947, the day Jackie Robinson broke the color barrier.  The famous sportsman gives an unlikely interview to intrepid reporter Walt Whitman, who sees into the mystery of time, giving the pirates their next clue which sends them sailing off towards Battery Park.

The pirates find themselves in the midst of cannon fight between the British Navy and the American Colonials fighting for their independence.  One brave soldier drags a cannon to the highest point, before the Americans finally lose.   That soldier is young Alexander Hamilton, who is recognized for his bravery and intelligence by General George Washington, who appoints Hamilton to be his aide de camp.  

Convinced Sadie has finally found the treasure, the boat approaches what Sadie calls “Oyster Island,” they meet the young people who are arriving at Ellis Island, excited to make America their new home.  The other “immigrants,” the audience, are asked to help the new arrivals navigate through different checkpoints, and are asked to tell their own story of where their new family is from.

The boat arrives at Bedloe Island, now named Liberty Island and the pirates see the majestic Statue of Liberty for the first time, and they realize the true value of what they have.  The performance culminates in a musical finale that celebrates the hard fought for freedom that is America’s greatest treasure.